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No concrete, no problem!

One of our customers recently brought us a series of small cell projects in Belle Isle Park, the country's largest city-owned island park, rich with natural beauty and historical and cultural resources. Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources took over management of the park in 2013 and has invested heavily in returning Belle Isle to its former glory.

But as they began construction for several new integrated poles, they quickly realized they were not going to be able to pour a concrete foundation due to a high-water table. As the crew began digging, the water would flood back in faster than they could pump it out. It was a four-way stop stuck in park.

They turned to us for help and with the Helicore System™ were able to build 7 sites in just 4 days, with zero concrete and a much smaller footprint. Not only were they able to overcome the high-water table natural to that environment, but they were also able to maintain the integrity of the original streetscapes.

Our team was proud to be part of these projects and we look forward to visiting the island again soon!

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