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​4G/5G Network Deployment

Designed for Today & Tomorrow

Forward-thinking municipalities choose our patented Helical Anchor Foundation System to minimize disruptions and maintain control of future deployments.

The Problem

A reliable high-speed network is a critical asset for municipalities, whether they're bustling urban centers or small towns on the rise.  Current approaches to 4G/5G network deployment create downtime for other important infrastructure and functions, which produce multiple challenges for municipalities. Because of zoning and regulatory leniency, light poles are prime real estate for deploying 4G/5G nodes, doing the heavy lifting for network densification.  Replacing a light pole at a busy intersection or pedestrian thoroughfare isn't simple.  Pole foundations aren't designed to structurally support the added load of 4G/5G nodes, they need to be replaced from the ground up to meet entirely new engineering standards.  This is where municipalities feel the pain, current approaches to light pole replacement don't account for other functions they're duty-bound to perform.

Maintaining Public Safety: Numerous studies underscore the importance of street lights in deterring crime.

Minimizing Disruptions: From traffic detours to utility rerouting, light pole replacement can cause a municipality's familiar rhythm to fall out of sync.

Building Curb Appeal: Light pole replacement can permanently alter streetscapes that were painstakingly designed to meet a specific aesthetic standard.

The Solution

Our patented Helical Anchor Foundation System is engineered to help all communities circumvent obstacles, from Smart Cities to areas just crossing the digital divide.  As the fastest, least obtrusive way to deploy 4G/5G networks available on the market, our innovative system compresses downtime to a mere 1-2 days. Municipalities can keep the lights on, the sidewalks open, and the disruptions to a minimum.  Streetscapes can maintain the integrity of the original design.  Once the system has been installed, in the event of a knockdown, plug-and-play replacement of light poles is quick and easy.


Put Network Deployment Disruptions in the Past

Are you ready to leave legacy approaches to network deployment behind?  Whether you're building your network from the ground up or replacing existing poles, your municipality can't afford downtime and disruptions.  Discover how our patented Helical Anchor Foundation System keeps control of future deployments in your hands.

Keep the Lights On.  The Sidewalks Open. The Costs Down.  All in a Day's Work.

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