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Answering the Call for Disruptive Innovation

For the longest time, when it came to network deployment and densification across carefully engineered streetscapes, the approach has been the same: uproot street lights, and wait. Replace them with node-bearing poles, and wait. Pour a new concrete foundation, and wait some more. There are also a multitude of resource-intensive steps hiding in the cracks, from regulatory protocol to geotechnical investigations. Simultaneously, utilities are being rerouted and traffic is off the rails. The lights are off, creating blind spots for public safety. All the while, the meter is running. It's the paradox that the telecom industry often finds itself in: building state-of-the-art networks with tools that would be found beside a rotary phone and dial-up modem in a museum exhibit.

Our founder and CEO, Kevin Russ, knew there had to be a better way. Having worked in the industry over two decades it became apparent that the bottleneck was most pronounced during the construction phase of network deployments. While many companies were seeking out novel ways to introduce fresh innovation into the Telecom ecosystem, he realized post-construction enhancements could only move the needle so much. Scaling from thousands of nodes to the millions that carriers are calling for by the end of the decade is going to require foundational changes. Determined to answer the call, Kevin recruited a team of telecom industry experts who came together to develop a game-changing innovation: Helicore's Helical Anchor Foundation System™.

Redefining Network Deployment

We're helping our customers build out their wireless communication networks faster, stronger, and more efficiently. By redefining network deployment we're uprooting the industry's reliance on legacy processes, putting the world's 4G/5G goals within reach.

Illuminating the Way Forward

We envision our foundation system being the gold standard for light pole replacement in every major city across the globe, illuminating the way forward for next generation 5G networks.


Our executive team has over 75 years of combined industry experience with expertise in the areas of engineering, communications construction, municipal/government relations, private utility locating, procurement and logistics management. 

Kevin Russ Chairman CEO Helicore LLC

Kevin J. Russ

Chairman and CEO

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Lucas Turner VP Government Relations Helicore LLC

Lucas B. Turner

VP Government Relations

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mandy 3_edited.jpg

Mandy L. Russ

VP Operations

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