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Become a city that takes charge of its small cell deployment and steers its growth with strategic deployment control using the Helical Anchor Foundation System

Streamline Permits
Minimize Disruptions, Maximize Safety
Flexible, Forward Thinking Design
Preserve Streetscapes

Introducing the Game-Changing Solution for Light Pole Installation and Replacement

The Why - Meeting the Demand for Small Cell Deployments

A reliable high-speed network is a critical asset for municipalities, whether they're bustling urban centers or small towns on the rise.  Because of zoning and regulatory leniency, light poles are prime real estate for deploying 4G/5G nodes, doing the heavy lifting for network densification.  Replacing a light pole at a busy intersection or pedestrian thoroughfare isn't simple.  Pole foundations aren't designed to structurally support the added load of 4G/5G nodes, they need to be replaced from the ground up to meet entirely new engineering standards.  Municipalities are seeing increased need for small cell deployments due to increased data demands, and the infrastructure to support it.

Maintaining Public Safety: Numerous studies underscore the importance of street lights in deterring crime.

Minimizing Disruptions: From traffic detours to utility rerouting, light pole replacement can cause a municipality's familiar rhythm to fall out of sync.

Building Curb Appeal: Light pole replacement can permanently alter streetscapes that were painstakingly designed to meet a specific aesthetic standard.

Data Demands blue.png

It's a Four-Way Stop, Stuck in Park


Traditional Construction

Challenges of Small Cell Sites

  • Utility Conflicts

  • Messy Foundation Removal

  • Streetscape Alterations

  • Safety & Liability Concerns

  • Knockdowns & Upgrades

  • Extended Timelines

Minimize disruptions, maximize safety

One of the key features of the system is that it allows you to build over and around existing utilities. They often don't know until they've opened up the ground what's lurking underneath.As the focus shifts from towers to deploying small cells, we're hearing from our customers this is more the rule than the exception. 

Here's a site in Belle Isle, MI on Lake Erie with a high water table. 

They got the biggest pump they could to dewater the hole, but the hole was filling back up faster than the pump.The great thing about our system is that it doesn't need cure time and can be installed in saturated soils/wet conditions.

Another great advantage of using the system is that you no longer have to move or kill site locations. In the past cities have had no choice but to allow the carriers to the move their poles.  That means more work, more delays, public safety and liabilities issues, and ultimately the fate of altered streetscapes and lighting plans.

Detroit Yacht Club, Belle Isle, MI.png
Det Before After.png

We want municipalities to know is that Helicore is a tool in their toolbox that they didn't have before. Here's another site where the pole was down for months due to a gas line they didn't know was there until they went to pull the existing foundation. The engineering firm told the city of Detroit about our system and they were able to get it done in the exact same location without disturbing the gas line.

The biggest advantage of using our system is that it can be installed in less than a day, rain or shine. 

At one of our Orlando sites, it was situated between a busy bus lane and a playground.

There was no way to get it done with concrete and the city couldn't afford bus lane closures or liability issues with a hole in the ground for weeks on end.

The contractor used our system and got this site built overnight in the pouring rain while the city slept.

It boils down to this:

Do you want to deal with torn up sidewalks and traffic detours for days on end, risking conflicts, liability issues, altered streetscapes, and unhappy constituents? 

Or would you prefer the option that ensures completion in less than a day, allowing your city to keep moving forward.

It's win-win for everyone - the carriers, the city and all it's residents and business owners.

Streamline your permitting & approval process

Most jurisdictions have standardized the poles that are set in the ROW, Helicore has developed an innovative way to standardize our foundations. 

We work with every pole manufacturer. We're pole agnostic.

For Cities: 
It makes the permitting process a whole lot simpler for municipal engineers to review and approve applications, which in turn saves everyone time and eliminates the wireless industry’s request to relocate utilities and keeps your streetlighting in the same location.

Our engineering team can help streamline your permitting efforts.

416 #10_edited.jpg

Benefit from our flexible, forward thinking design


Traditional concrete foundations are not forward thinking.

Load capacity (concrete vs. Helicore)

Change pole (future of co-locatable sites)

Quick recovery (SFPUC ordering their own for knockdowns)

Additional Load Capacity for

Future ROW Equipment such as:

  • Traffic Cams

  • Signage

  • Banners

  • Wi-Fi

  • EV Charging

  • Pedestrian Push Buttons

Versatile and Compatible

  • Upgrade or Change Pole Types

  • Change Bolt Circle Patterns

  • Adapter Plates

Quick Recovery

  • Knockdown Replacement

  • 1 Day - Plug & Play

  • No Special Tools

Preserve the integrity of your lighting plans and streetscapes

Keep the Lights On.  The Sidewalks Open. The Costs Down.  All in a Day's Work.

The Solution

Our patented Helical Anchor Foundation System is engineered to help all communities circumvent obstacles, from Smart Cities to areas just crossing the digital divide.  As the fastest, least obtrusive way to deploy 4G/5G networks available on the market, our innovative system compresses downtime to a mere 1-2 days. Municipalities can keep the lights on, the sidewalks open, and the disruptions to a minimum.  Streetscapes can maintain the integrity of the original design.  Once the system has been installed, in the event of a knockdown, plug-and-play replacement of light poles is quick and easy.

Helicore vs Structural.png

Put Network Deployment Disruptions in the Past

Are you ready to leave legacy approaches to network deployment behind?  Whether you're building your network from the ground up or replacing existing poles, your municipality can't afford downtime and disruptions.  Discover how our patented Helical Anchor Foundation System keeps control of future deployments in your hands.

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