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The telecom industry is rapidly building out the 5G infrastructure in every major city and will continue to do so over the next decade. The deployment of 5G will impact every aspect of our digital lives and is set to transform businesses, governments, and organizations worldwide. It will enable people, industries and things to connect on an unprecedented scale sparking an acceleration of innovation and technology."

 – Kevin J. Russ, PgMP, PMP,  Helicore Chairman & CEO


While streetlights are a common and practical use of real estate due to zoning and regulatory leniency, the industry currently faces numerous challenges when outfitting them with 4G/5G nodes.  The major obstacle current foundations present is that they are not structurally supportive of the new loads and therefore fail to meet the engineering standards.  Common practice for the foundation issue today is to either install a larger concrete foundation next to the streetlight or completely remove and replace the existing foundation. However, both methods result in additional complications as they require large excavations in sidewalks, re-routing of utilities, weeks of construction, lights out overnight, traffic disruption, and ultimately an altered streetscape.  


Our team of industry experts at Helicore have developed an innovative, patented foundation system that solves those problems by allowing a fully encompassed streetlight replacement in one day with minimal disruption.  While time savings is certainly a key advantage, the system inherently allows streetlights to remain in the same exact location satisfying municipalities as their streetscape design remains unaltered. Our system is the least intrusive and fastest method to deploy 5G on the market today. Contact us today to discover how Helicore is transforming all aspects of 4G/5G network densification and deployment.



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