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Put Your Pole Back Where It Belongs

Have you ever wondered why some cities and sites have poles in unusual places, disrupting carefully thought-out lighting plans and ruining streetscapes?

It all comes down to the intricate web of utilities and infrastructure hidden beneath our city sidewalks. In the past, sites often had to be moved or "killed" – an industry term for canceling installations due to underground utility conflicts and environmental concerns, leaving gaps in cellular network coverage. This left municipalities feeling like they had no alternative, resulting in altered streetscapes and disrupted lighting plans.

We've got the solution! Our innovative Helical Anchor Foundation System™ allows you to keep your light poles right where they belong, with minimal ground disturbance, no matter what's lurking beneath. 👻


Stop going back to the drawing board - empower your RF and real estate teams to secure the locations they need.


Do more with less - build your foundations in a day, come rain or shine.


Say goodbye to compromising – keep those light poles exactly where they should be!

Join us in revolutionizing the way we build and maintain our urban environments. Let's create a future where our cities remain beautifully illuminated, connected, and true to their unique character. 🏙️💡

Ready to learn more? Visit or send us an email at


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