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Did You Know?

When you choose our foundation system, you're not only investing in a strong foundation; you're unlocking a range of additional benefits that come at no extra cost:

Engineered for the Worst: Our system is engineered to excel even in the toughest soil conditions and handle extreme forces like seismic activity, high winds, and ice.

Built to Last: Torque readings are conducted by an on-site third-party engineer during installation, resulting in a certified as-built report that guarantees quality and compliance.

Future-Ready: With an average 33% passing percentage, you can add additional ROW equipment, signage, or even upgrade to a larger pole without costly re-engineering or rebuilding.

Versatile and Compatible: Our foundation system is highly flexible, capable of accommodating pole upgrades, changes in bolt circle patterns, and supporting poles from all manufacturers.

Quick Recovery: In the unfortunate event of a knock-down, our system provides one-day plug-and-play pole replacement, requiring no special tools.

Unlock these valuable advantages and make your infrastructure investment go even further with our foundation system. It's more than just a foundation; it's a solution for the future.

Visit or email us at for more information.

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