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Kentucky joins the growing list of states putting 4G/5G network deployment disruptions in the past with our internationally patented foundation system.

The future is here. Are you ready?

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Another Helicore LLC install. This was a rather complicated installation due to the existing foundation (that had to be replaced) having multiple conduits running thru it.

It took some extra time working with our customer, contractor and the city to get the design permitted. In the end, #rf was able to keep their desired location.

We enjoyed Bellevue, WA and look forward to many more.


What do you do if there is a 36 inch sewer line and 7 electrical conduits directly where RF wants the small cell?

Scrap it? Go back to Real Estate?

#RF picked that location for a reason.

The answer is Helicore LLC

Our internationally patented foundation system was installed around all those utilities and the pole is up all in 1 day.

Ian Donation.png

The Helicore team has made a donation to the American Red Cross to support those impacted by Hurricane Ian.

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