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Sleep tight, Orlando

Rain or shine, day or night, we've got you covered!

We're thrilled to announce the successful completion of a challenging site build outside the iconic Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Orlando, FL.

Despite the pouring rain and the darkness of the night, our innovative Helical Anchor Foundation System ensured a seamless construction process overnight.

With multiple underground utility conflicts around, under and through the old concrete foundation, this project needed precision and speed.

Thanks to our system, this build was completed overnight, allowing the city to maintain its bustling daytime bus lane traffic without interruption.

At Helicore, we thrive on overcoming challenges and ensuring minimal disruption to your cities.

Stay tuned for more success stories as we continue to redefine network deployment!

Visit us at or call (800) 749-0150 to learn more.

On-Site Third-Party Engineer, Photo Credit: Telecad


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